Make up Artist : Eddie Maleterre

Eddie Maleterre

As Official Makeup
Artist for L’Oréal Paris in Canada, Eddie Maleterre’s duties at Toronto Fashion Week are nothing short of crushing. Yet he doesn’t even break a sweat, flipping through the lookbook and pointing out mascara details to inquiring minds with his left hand while his right is finishing up an immaculate lipline. Welcome to Eddie’s world.

Eddie Maleterre is possibly one of the world’s most renowned makeup artists, and virtually no facet of the arts has been deprived of his expertise. In addition to having made his mark on the European runways and in countless ad campaigns, Eddie has also done makeup for both theatre and cinema.

Since relocating to Montreal in 2001, he plays an important role in communicating the new trends and advances of L’Oréal Paris to the Canadian public. Eddie took a break between shows to talk to Minimidimaxi and to have a well-deserved orange juice. He explains the relationship between make-up artist and fashion designer.

“My role when doing make-up for a fashion show is to enhance the value of the collection. I discuss the looks with the designer and see what works. There is a meeting ground where the best ideas take place. Ultimately, it is a question of figuring out what story they are trying to tell and the best way to translate that.”

Mr. Maleterre is considered a beauty guru by millions of women, and his advice stems from a key understanding of the nature of beauty.

“There are two types of women, those who use makeup to hide their face, and those who use it to enhance their individual traits. I can’t tell you how many times after one of my make-overs, a woman has been surprised how the right techniques has made what they consider to be flaws actually something to be proud of.”

On that sprawling table behind him, there must be one product Eddie swears by, maybe one he even keeps in his pocket.

“Really all L’Oreal products are amazing specifically because of the amount of research that goes into them. But if I had to pick one it would be L’Oreal Translucent Foundation.”

Eddie at work doing make-up for Paul Hardy

What is remarkable is that L’Oréal is just one facet of Eddie Maleterre’s illustrious career; he plans to open a makeup studio of his own in Montreal later this year. Eddie is also a globetrotting freelancer to the stars, and he’s become a favourite among the celebrity crowd at the Cannes Film Festival. One magical night stands out particularly, as he takes the last sip of juice.

Once when I was in Cannes my agent called me, telling me there was a surprise for me at such-and-such hotel room. So I went there with my make-up kit and knocked on the door. Imagine my face when Björk answers the door! She was at Cannes for her film Dancer In The Dark and I was to do her make-up for the event. Björk knew exactly what she wanted," Maleterre explains with a mischievous grin, "but I got to have fun with mascara. That’s my signature."

I can’t help but imagine Björk telling the same story to an interviewer, describing her surprise when she opened the door and saw Eddie Maleterre standing there.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer